$6,500 – $9,500





Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle

September 1 – February 28

Experience the hunt of a lifetime! Hunting bison will be a memory you will never forget so why not create your memory with Tabiona Hunt. All bison hunts are guided and guaranteed. We will provide lodging, meals, snacks, field dressing and skinning. Butchering and taxidermy are at the hunters expense. 

Our bison hunts take place on 4,000 acres of Utah’s finest terrain. These stalk and spot hunts are way back into classic western history. The trophy bison at Tabiona Hunt are yours to choose from. There is no rush or pressure for hunters hurry up and bag the animal. Hunters get to take their time and pick the bison they want. 

*Each hunt includes field dressing and skinning. Processing and taxidermy is the responsibility of the hunter.